Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2014


Finally, the sun shine has comeback!!
People in Shizuoka have been waiting for this clear blue sky!
But not only human-being, there're some other creature that can not hide their joy.
It's the frogs; "SHALTON THEATER."

You have to be very careful when you walk in "the walking street,"
because you may happen to see these jumping frogs.
Of course they're not going to hurt you but they may try to lick you with their long tongue!

Red goggled-eyes, wedding hands, muscular legs,
their intense appearance always draws the audiences' attention, especially the kids.
Some are frightened, some are curious, some try to jump together.
The two frogs always accept their reaction gently.

Under the blue sky, your heart must be hopping just like the frogs.


2014Festival Report in English / 2014Etc
2014/11/03 04:03 PM

Fountain of ideas / Thank you Tezuka

His tools seems very handmade and sometimes broken.
Especially, durling DAIDOGEI World Cup 2014, they are hit by heavy rain.
But don't worry! He creates new stories and tools from one to the next.
He doeesn't need to use old tools.

He deals with very fresh topical problems, new songs and cinemas.
It's worth learning Japanese to understand his fresh stories.

So he is always improving his stories and tools, even during World Cup.
His progressive attitude masut have very good influence for young artists.
Thank you Tezuka!!


2014Festival Report in English / 2014Artist
2014/11/03 03:57 PM

Universal excitaion and happiness / CIRCO PITNANGA

The "multinational" duo comes to Japan for the first time!
10 years ago,
Loïse : an alpine sweet born in Australia, and
Oren : from Israel, spent long time in Idia,
started circus performance under the Pitanga tree in Brazil.
Their performances deal with universal affairs of man and woman.

"Cordes Nuptiales" was created for this DAIDOGEI World Cup in Shizuoka over a long time.
It starts with sense of tension and expectation for marriage.
Then the bridal couple are caught in funny accidents.
Finally, they co-create a beautiful aerial.

(photo by N.Saito)

Irrespective of cultural background, age and sex, you may share the feeling of the bridal couple.

Congratulations on CIRCO PITANGA's successful performance in Japan, the first unknown-language country.
Please enjoy Japanese hot spring (onsen) durling final days in Japan.


* Pitanga is a Brazilian tree, with white flower and red fruit. The fruit is very acid but not as much as lemon.
* They can speak English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Hebrew.

2014Festival Report in English / 2014Artist
2014/11/03 03:53 PM

Welcoming the champion of cup stacking/ Seoppi

Seoppi,champions of 3 large competitions around the world came to Daidogei to perform cup stacking.
Many people, especially teenage girls were fascinated and crowded by the handsome look of Seoppi.
Cup stacking is a show that we make with twelve cups, and he arranged it to perform outside as Daidogei.
He introduced by making tricks using various kinds of cups, and he threw the cups in the air and caught them with another cup.
He tried similar tricks with different styles, such as through the legs and catching with his back.
He also tried with different cups, large and colored. All of his performance were like magic and he increased his difficulty of his show.

The most important show for him was the real cup stacking, which he performed during the three competitions overseas.
His pyramid was made and crushed while making the tap sounds, the pyramids changing size and shape every seconds,
and there was a huge applaud from the crowd and his joy when the time showed up under 9 seconds, which he declared earlier.
This sport is common in the U.S, so he would hope if his show developed even in Japan!
We hope he would return next year in Daidogei!

2014Festival Report in English
2014/11/03 03:32 PM


Today is final day of DAIDOGEI in Shizuoka.
The weather is very good!

A lot of audience were looking forward to his performance.
He said 「In Shizuoka, I am happy that the audience are eagerly waiting for the act to start 30 minutes prior to the show」.

First, wind-up doll.
He had a atmosphere of Edo Period.

Next, acting with many hands.
When many hands move quickly, I can't discern his real hands.
He came up with this idea in his dream.

Then, 7 masks.
He shows us multicolor masks.

Last, without words.
He moves his hands synchronized to music, and also give in sign language.
He occasionally does his performance in a school for hearing impaired children.

He performs his show without sounds so everyone can enjoy.


2014Festival Report in English
2014/11/03 01:54 PM

A lady with Balls and dedication/ Tatiana Konoballs

Controlling three balls with dexterity, Tatiana Konoballs
showed the audience a unique performance of her own.

Tatiana's mother was a gymnast which influenced Tatiana to
start gymnastics. Later, she enters an academy to receive
professional training. At first, she could not have a
spot in a performing group because she was told she was
not tall enough. However, by improving upon her athleticism,
Tatiana receives a unique role to work with fitness balls,
which won her a position on stage.

Amazingly, Tatiana practices 12 hours everyday. She runs and
rides the bike to maintain stamina, and also practices her
stage act from 9A.M. every morning under her trainers supervision.
"How much you dedicate yourself into what you do will change
the outcome of the result," says Tatiana.

"Performing on stage will assure that you will get salary.
On the contrary, street performance is interesting because
the money you make depends on whether the audience thinks
you are interesting, because the audience will only pay
if they think you are interesting. This makes street performance
a great place to learn and become better." Today, Tatiana has
shown us several new acts to test how interesting her new acts are.

"Japanese people are not good at speaking English, but they are kind
and friendly. I think that it would be more fun if Japanese people
learn to speak English."
Tatiana promises to improve her performance and maybe come back
to Daidogei World Cup again.
Lets hope she comes back to Shizuoka again for another fantastic


2014Festival Report in English / 2014Artist
2014/11/02 08:39 PM

A Love Story/ C'EST POUR TOI

"Their show is more than just an acrobat with music, but a story of love" an audience said, after seeing their performance.
The show starts with a plaintive melody of an accordion.
It sounds like a waving heart of woman.
Her heart is waving between two men.

C'est pour toi is a fantastic combination of an acrobat and a live music accordion.
The story is told with an amazing acrobat skill by Vietnamese duo Dinh Huynh and Van Anh,
but the acordion player Rudik Yakhin who is from russia and won 1st place in international festival in Germany put a great flavor into their show.

Their show is not only a serios but with laugh. It prove their good combination and multiple talent.

Please, come to see their show and see how story end.


2014Festival Report in English / 2014Artist
2014/11/02 07:04 PM

Wonderful Juggling! / Yusaku Mochizuki

The only member in the ON stage from Shizuoka City, Yusaku Mochizuki entertained us with the combination of tap dance and diabolo.
There was a huge crowd waiting for the hometown performer, although slight drops of rain started to drop in the area.

Of course, he knew about Daidogei since his childhood, and every year, he gets overexcited this time around at the year.
He experienced the first Daidogei festival around the age of three, and started performing in the Daidogei around 1999 in a yo-yo competition.
He learned about imaging arts during his university life, and he performed as a guest in a dinner party celebrating the 50th anniversary of Tokyo Olympics, which was sponcered by the Prime Minister.

One thing that he kept in his mind is to enjoy his performance, since if he focuses too much on his skills, he cannot express himself well.
He tap danced to keep us in, and as time passed by, he started to add the number of diabolo,increasing from 4 to 5 to 7.
He had many tricks that he mastered, such as spreading the string around back and forth, and juggling the diabolo like a ball.
The most entertaining trick was when he threw a diabolo high in the air, and just as when the diabolo safely reached in the string, a large applause came from the crowd.
He feels priviledged about getting to perform in the Japan Cup.

In the evening show, he would perform using the knowledge of imaging arts.
He would keep you entertained with a different kind of show, so don't miss out the night show from 7 pm!


2014Festival Report in English / 2014Artist
2014/11/02 04:18 PM

Bad weather brought amazing show time with great concentration!

I guessed, bad weather prevented us from better show time...
But the result is absolutely opposite, very badly in a sense.
Due to the heavy rain, performer needed too much concentration
to achieve their best performance. So in result, they showed
better performance than their usual one, I think!
Of course performers were exhausted to do with bad condition.
But finally, they brought great impression with exciting & fun.

Reported By maeno

2014Festival Report in English / 2014Appearance of festival
2014/11/01 09:07 PM

Life is a love comedy/ JIGALOV SHOW

Andrey and Fred appears on stage, engaging in a
fierce battle. Trying to take control of the microphone,
Andrey plays tricks on Fred. In a matter of minutes,
the two becomes soaked with water from head to toe.
As the performance continues, the story takes a different
turn and the two becomes friendly to each other. At the end,
the beauty Zarina appears and the three sings in harmony.

"There are many battles in life, and there will be times
when you will win and lose. However, you will surely be
able to build friendship at the end," says Andrey.

As portrayed in the Jigalov Show, we all know we will have as
much battles as we have encounters in life. The important part is
to understand each other and come together to help each other
regardless of the differences that people have.

But it is natural that you would want to win the heart of a
person you love. So I will tell you a little secret.
Zarina prefers a man with a "good heart."
If you want to capture the heart of a beauty,
work on your inner personality!!


2014Festival Report in English / 2014Artist
2014/11/01 08:43 PM