Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2014

Wonderful Juggling! / Yusaku Mochizuki

The only member in the ON stage from Shizuoka City, Yusaku Mochizuki entertained us with the combination of tap dance and diabolo.
There was a huge crowd waiting for the hometown performer, although slight drops of rain started to drop in the area.

Of course, he knew about Daidogei since his childhood, and every year, he gets overexcited this time around at the year.
He experienced the first Daidogei festival around the age of three, and started performing in the Daidogei around 1999 in a yo-yo competition.
He learned about imaging arts during his university life, and he performed as a guest in a dinner party celebrating the 50th anniversary of Tokyo Olympics, which was sponcered by the Prime Minister.

One thing that he kept in his mind is to enjoy his performance, since if he focuses too much on his skills, he cannot express himself well.
He tap danced to keep us in, and as time passed by, he started to add the number of diabolo,increasing from 4 to 5 to 7.
He had many tricks that he mastered, such as spreading the string around back and forth, and juggling the diabolo like a ball.
The most entertaining trick was when he threw a diabolo high in the air, and just as when the diabolo safely reached in the string, a large applause came from the crowd.
He feels priviledged about getting to perform in the Japan Cup.

In the evening show, he would perform using the knowledge of imaging arts.
He would keep you entertained with a different kind of show, so don't miss out the night show from 7 pm!


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