Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2014

A Love Story/ C'EST POUR TOI

"Their show is more than just an acrobat with music, but a story of love" an audience said, after seeing their performance.
The show starts with a plaintive melody of an accordion.
It sounds like a waving heart of woman.
Her heart is waving between two men.

C'est pour toi is a fantastic combination of an acrobat and a live music accordion.
The story is told with an amazing acrobat skill by Vietnamese duo Dinh Huynh and Van Anh,
but the acordion player Rudik Yakhin who is from russia and won 1st place in international festival in Germany put a great flavor into their show.

Their show is not only a serios but with laugh. It prove their good combination and multiple talent.

Please, come to see their show and see how story end.


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2014/11/02 07:04 PM
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