Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2014


Today is final day of DAIDOGEI in Shizuoka.
The weather is very good!

A lot of audience were looking forward to his performance.
He said 「In Shizuoka, I am happy that the audience are eagerly waiting for the act to start 30 minutes prior to the show」.

First, wind-up doll.
He had a atmosphere of Edo Period.

Next, acting with many hands.
When many hands move quickly, I can't discern his real hands.
He came up with this idea in his dream.

Then, 7 masks.
He shows us multicolor masks.

Last, without words.
He moves his hands synchronized to music, and also give in sign language.
He occasionally does his performance in a school for hearing impaired children.

He performs his show without sounds so everyone can enjoy.


2014Festival Report in English
2014/11/03 01:54 PM
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