Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2014

A lady with Balls and dedication/ Tatiana Konoballs

Controlling three balls with dexterity, Tatiana Konoballs
showed the audience a unique performance of her own.

Tatiana's mother was a gymnast which influenced Tatiana to
start gymnastics. Later, she enters an academy to receive
professional training. At first, she could not have a
spot in a performing group because she was told she was
not tall enough. However, by improving upon her athleticism,
Tatiana receives a unique role to work with fitness balls,
which won her a position on stage.

Amazingly, Tatiana practices 12 hours everyday. She runs and
rides the bike to maintain stamina, and also practices her
stage act from 9A.M. every morning under her trainers supervision.
"How much you dedicate yourself into what you do will change
the outcome of the result," says Tatiana.

"Performing on stage will assure that you will get salary.
On the contrary, street performance is interesting because
the money you make depends on whether the audience thinks
you are interesting, because the audience will only pay
if they think you are interesting. This makes street performance
a great place to learn and become better." Today, Tatiana has
shown us several new acts to test how interesting her new acts are.

"Japanese people are not good at speaking English, but they are kind
and friendly. I think that it would be more fun if Japanese people
learn to speak English."
Tatiana promises to improve her performance and maybe come back
to Daidogei World Cup again.
Lets hope she comes back to Shizuoka again for another fantastic


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2014/11/02 08:39 PM
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