Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2014


Finally, the sun shine has comeback!!
People in Shizuoka have been waiting for this clear blue sky!
But not only human-being, there're some other creature that can not hide their joy.
It's the frogs; "SHALTON THEATER."

You have to be very careful when you walk in "the walking street,"
because you may happen to see these jumping frogs.
Of course they're not going to hurt you but they may try to lick you with their long tongue!

Red goggled-eyes, wedding hands, muscular legs,
their intense appearance always draws the audiences' attention, especially the kids.
Some are frightened, some are curious, some try to jump together.
The two frogs always accept their reaction gently.

Under the blue sky, your heart must be hopping just like the frogs.


2014Festival Report in English / 2014Etc
2014/11/03 04:03 PM
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