Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2014

Life is a love comedy/ JIGALOV SHOW

Andrey and Fred appears on stage, engaging in a
fierce battle. Trying to take control of the microphone,
Andrey plays tricks on Fred. In a matter of minutes,
the two becomes soaked with water from head to toe.
As the performance continues, the story takes a different
turn and the two becomes friendly to each other. At the end,
the beauty Zarina appears and the three sings in harmony.

"There are many battles in life, and there will be times
when you will win and lose. However, you will surely be
able to build friendship at the end," says Andrey.

As portrayed in the Jigalov Show, we all know we will have as
much battles as we have encounters in life. The important part is
to understand each other and come together to help each other
regardless of the differences that people have.

But it is natural that you would want to win the heart of a
person you love. So I will tell you a little secret.
Zarina prefers a man with a "good heart."
If you want to capture the heart of a beauty,
work on your inner personality!!


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2014/11/01 08:43 PM
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