Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2014

Welcoming the champion of cup stacking/ Seoppi

Seoppi,champions of 3 large competitions around the world came to Daidogei to perform cup stacking.
Many people, especially teenage girls were fascinated and crowded by the handsome look of Seoppi.
Cup stacking is a show that we make with twelve cups, and he arranged it to perform outside as Daidogei.
He introduced by making tricks using various kinds of cups, and he threw the cups in the air and caught them with another cup.
He tried similar tricks with different styles, such as through the legs and catching with his back.
He also tried with different cups, large and colored. All of his performance were like magic and he increased his difficulty of his show.

The most important show for him was the real cup stacking, which he performed during the three competitions overseas.
His pyramid was made and crushed while making the tap sounds, the pyramids changing size and shape every seconds,
and there was a huge applaud from the crowd and his joy when the time showed up under 9 seconds, which he declared earlier.
This sport is common in the U.S, so he would hope if his show developed even in Japan!
We hope he would return next year in Daidogei!

2014Festival Report in English
2014/11/03 03:32 PM
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