Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2012

A supreme comedy made with you./ Fraser Hooper

A gentle man with a hat and a coat appears on stage. Frazer Hooper starts his
stage by asking 4 audiences on stage, poking fun of them and sending the crowd
into laughter.
With his show ready to get heated up, he undresses his coat to reveal his
underwear which has a English flag design.
Words spelled on his t-shirt says "KNOCK YOU OUT!"
Seems like Frazer wants to start his own boxing tournament with his audience!

Surprisingly, his audience is in charge of making punching and kicking noise,
acting as a pole, and holding the ropes on the ring. Seems like they are not
just some volunteer on stage, but have a role of their own.
When I asked him if it is difficult to start a performance with so many
untrained audience on stage, Frazer replied,
"Japanese people are shy, but that is another reason that
makes this boxing match exciting!"
Come and watch Frazer's show, you may possibly be the next contestant!


2012Festival Report in English / 2012Artist
2012/11/04 04:45 PM

True traditional performer family, "WOLF BROTHERS & HELENA"

WOLF BLOTHERS & HELENA comes from the Czech Republic.
The team was made 10 years ago.
Their performances are amazing and delightful,
so as an audience, we are fascinated by their performance.

On the other hand, most of their performance are dangerous.
To be specific, going down the ladder without support and
juggling sticks on fire on the top of the ladder is the
most dangerous performance.

So audiences tremble to think how it would end.
However don't worry! They've acted that performance
since they were only 6 years old, practicing 5 hours a day and
have perfected their act.

Why? Their family has been performing for 5 generations
like Kabuki and Noh.

Their performance is the true tradition
inherited generation after generation.

Now, Helena is married with one of the Wolf brothers,
and she is a wonderful performer suitable for the traditional family.

Oh, Today is the last day of DAIDOUGEI WORLD CUP IN SHIZUOKA 2012.Never miss the amazing, dangerous, delightful, and exciting
performance of 5 generations traditional performer's family!


2012Festival Report in English / 2012Artist
2012/11/04 03:32 PM

Comedy genius/JOHNNY FILION

Simply he is really funny.I enjoyed his show so much.His loud laughter invites more laughter.

In the show he makes his dog fetch, but it doesn't move, because it is just a TOY DOG.Of course it won't fetch. In a second he just hurls it away.If you laugh at his kind behavior in everyday lives,
even if it is very funny,it can be uncouth.But that's his comedy show and it is completely ridicurous!Don't withhold your laughter.

He reminds all of us that everyday is full of amusement.He is a genius in finding something funny.

In his private life he is a father.He must be a really funny father,
but his family is used to his jokes and sometimes gives crittical and unkind comments.He receives them sincerely and try to find new laugh for his next show.

Come see his show and let's have a lot of fun and join in the great laugh.

(Uluru's mummy)

2012Festival Report in English / 2012Artist
2012/11/04 03:07 PM

Wiener Blut / Theater Irrwisch

Wegenstreits Guests were invited to DAIDOGEI Worldcup in Shizuoka.
They are from the Theater Irrwisch, Vienna.
Three gentlemen are formaly dressed.
They are typical Viennese gentlemen.
However, they are funny and they have too long legs!

In Sumpu-jo castle park, Gofuku-cho street, Shichiken-cho street,
anyone young, old, male and female couldn't help but take notice them and laugh.

21 years ago, three young men discovered each other and started new lives as DAIDOGEI performers.
They named the group "Theater Irrwisch".
Irrwisch is an old German word meaning a child glown up in a wood, he / she might be a human or might not...
How fantasy!

Thater Irrwisch seems to have a deep history.
It's so hard to wait for seeing the performance and asking the history of Theater Irrwisch until the next time.


photo by N.S

2012Festival Report in English / 2012Artist
2012/11/04 02:34 PM

A break through of the break dance duo./Syogyomujo Brothers

This year, Syogyomujo Brothers have made it to the "On-stage" division.
With tremendous athletic ability, Hide and Toshi-ROCK shows off their powerful moves
in Shizuoka.
The two looks toward the camera and strikes a pose throughout the
performance, showing their self-confidence.
Not only that their breakdance is outstanding which makes the crowd applause naturally,
but also they make funny faces which makes the crowd laugh.
Increasing the difficulty of their performance at the climax of their performance
sends the crowd to a standing ovation.

After the performance, the two greeted us with a smile.
I asked them why they were making funny faces during the performance,
and they told me that "if we continuously breakdance, we would tire out the audience."
Always thinking about the audience, the Syogyomujo Brothers are a true entertainer.

By the way, it is Toshi-ROCK's birthday today.
From making enterance to their first Daidogei World Cup and warm birthday
wishes to come, they are ready to perform on stage!

Come and watch to congratuate the Syogyomujo Brothers yourself!

2012Festival Report in English / 2012Artist
2012/11/03 06:54 PM

It is...jewell box of PERFORMANCE!!/ to R mansion

Their performance was filled with glittering atmosphere.

(photo by Y.I)

With 4 member's unique characteristics combined, to R mansion is able to bring the audiences into their dreamy world.
Various scenes unfold from one minute to the next.
At one scene, a headless-man quickly changed to beautiful woman,
and in another, there was car-chasing, which is a scene from a famous movie.
Their teamwork worked well. Any move meant something so you can't miss any of them.
Also, their concern for staff or audience was very nice.
We asked them why, and they told us, "because we like people."

This is the first year for them to perform in the "ON-stage" division.
They enphasized, "Please suport us for a long time!"

I believe that they will take part in making the DAIDOGEI color at Shizuoka for future.


(photo by Y.I)

2012Festival Report in English / 2012Artist
2012/11/03 06:24 PM