Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2012

True traditional performer family, "WOLF BROTHERS & HELENA"

WOLF BLOTHERS & HELENA comes from the Czech Republic.
The team was made 10 years ago.
Their performances are amazing and delightful,
so as an audience, we are fascinated by their performance.

On the other hand, most of their performance are dangerous.
To be specific, going down the ladder without support and
juggling sticks on fire on the top of the ladder is the
most dangerous performance.

So audiences tremble to think how it would end.
However don't worry! They've acted that performance
since they were only 6 years old, practicing 5 hours a day and
have perfected their act.

Why? Their family has been performing for 5 generations
like Kabuki and Noh.

Their performance is the true tradition
inherited generation after generation.

Now, Helena is married with one of the Wolf brothers,
and she is a wonderful performer suitable for the traditional family.

Oh, Today is the last day of DAIDOUGEI WORLD CUP IN SHIZUOKA 2012.Never miss the amazing, dangerous, delightful, and exciting
performance of 5 generations traditional performer's family!


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2012/11/04 03:32 PM
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