Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2012

Comedy genius/JOHNNY FILION

Simply he is really funny.I enjoyed his show so much.His loud laughter invites more laughter.

In the show he makes his dog fetch, but it doesn't move, because it is just a TOY DOG.Of course it won't fetch. In a second he just hurls it away.If you laugh at his kind behavior in everyday lives,
even if it is very funny,it can be uncouth.But that's his comedy show and it is completely ridicurous!Don't withhold your laughter.

He reminds all of us that everyday is full of amusement.He is a genius in finding something funny.

In his private life he is a father.He must be a really funny father,
but his family is used to his jokes and sometimes gives crittical and unkind comments.He receives them sincerely and try to find new laugh for his next show.

Come see his show and let's have a lot of fun and join in the great laugh.

(Uluru's mummy)

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2012/11/04 03:07 PM
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