Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2012

A supreme comedy made with you./ Fraser Hooper

A gentle man with a hat and a coat appears on stage. Frazer Hooper starts his
stage by asking 4 audiences on stage, poking fun of them and sending the crowd
into laughter.
With his show ready to get heated up, he undresses his coat to reveal his
underwear which has a English flag design.
Words spelled on his t-shirt says "KNOCK YOU OUT!"
Seems like Frazer wants to start his own boxing tournament with his audience!

Surprisingly, his audience is in charge of making punching and kicking noise,
acting as a pole, and holding the ropes on the ring. Seems like they are not
just some volunteer on stage, but have a role of their own.
When I asked him if it is difficult to start a performance with so many
untrained audience on stage, Frazer replied,
"Japanese people are shy, but that is another reason that
makes this boxing match exciting!"
Come and watch Frazer's show, you may possibly be the next contestant!


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2012/11/04 04:45 PM
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