Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2012

Wiener Blut / Theater Irrwisch

Wegenstreits Guests were invited to DAIDOGEI Worldcup in Shizuoka.
They are from the Theater Irrwisch, Vienna.
Three gentlemen are formaly dressed.
They are typical Viennese gentlemen.
However, they are funny and they have too long legs!

In Sumpu-jo castle park, Gofuku-cho street, Shichiken-cho street,
anyone young, old, male and female couldn't help but take notice them and laugh.

21 years ago, three young men discovered each other and started new lives as DAIDOGEI performers.
They named the group "Theater Irrwisch".
Irrwisch is an old German word meaning a child glown up in a wood, he / she might be a human or might not...
How fantasy!

Thater Irrwisch seems to have a deep history.
It's so hard to wait for seeing the performance and asking the history of Theater Irrwisch until the next time.


photo by N.S

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2012/11/04 02:34 PM
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