Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2017

Minor but Impressive/ Joji

Joji finally got to perform his Japan's top level quality diabolo performance in Daidogei World Cup after applying 6 times.

Where Joji started his diabolo was also in Daidogei World Cup. He tried diabolo during the Daidogei World Cup 14 years ago with his friends and started a team with them which includes 2017 ON department performer, Yusaku Mochizuki. After a while, he started to work on his own and then worked in a company. He decided to quit his work and forcused on Daidogei again. Since 2 years ago, he is using diabolo as his main apparatus.

Joji applied Daidogei World Cup 6 times, and finally this year, he was selected to perform in Fringe department. Now his next goal is to perform in ON department and furthermore to perform in the World Juggling Championship.

Joji's speciality is to use one diabolo and spin it side to side, and he loves minor but impressive tricks. If you want to see something completely different from other diabolo performers, go check out Joji's performance!

2017 Festival Report in English / Artist
2017/11/05 02:59 PM

Welcome Back Meleshin Brothers!

Meleshin Brothers is a real brother duo from Russia. They grew up in a circus studio in Russia and has tried many different acts. The duo's preffered apparatus for their performance style is the rolla bolla, and the duo is entertaining the audience in Shizuoka with their thrilling rolla bolla act.

This is Meleshin Brother's second visit in Japan. Their first visit to Japan was 13 years ago, and they are happy to be back. They enjoys the atmosphere of Daidogei World Cup. According to the brothers, its style and spirit gives special feeling to them. Because the Daidogei World Cup is street performance, they can see everything such as audience's reaction and what they are doing, unlike the stage performance.

Performing for Meleshin Brothers is one form of art that they cannot live without. Not only they give smile and energy to the audience, but also they get energy from the audience. To perform such a thrilling rolla bolla act, it takes step by step practice; first, practice on the floor, then on rolla bolla, and lastly on the table. Let's keep sending the duo tons of energy by cheering so we can keep watching their amazing and continuously improving rolla bolla act!


2017 Festival Report in English / Artist
2017/11/05 10:19 AM

An enjoyable artist group appeared in the urban area!!

In 3rd day in DAIDOGEI world cup in Shizuoka, the weather was sunny without clowd. We went out to the urban area!

The venue was at front of North Washington Hotel plaza. The artist was Team Gekimachi Junction. Look! The mysterious set is
on the stage!

Their performance was started. What? What were we feeling? We were attracted by wonderful world of them! Individual
characters ran and danced etc while performing. All of their performance had an original story, and then it was developed,
so we had to keep watch their performance!

All members in Team Gekimachi Junction are active in some genre. And also, some members manage troupes. Massage by them is
"Daidogei has many possibilities more!" We can think Team Gekimachi Junction always challenge anything from this
performance and interview! We are looking forward their next challenge!

In 5th on sunday, they are going to perform a different stage. We want to watch their stage again!

(Naoki Sugiyama)

2017 Festival Report in English / Artist
2017/11/05 09:36 AM

Keep Chasing Your Dreams/ Freestyler NARI

This is Freestyler NARI's second time to take part in the Daidogei World Cup, continuing from last year in the Fringe department. He was welcomed again by the warm crowd of Shizuoka.

NARI started performing when he was a sophmore in junior high school in Osaka with his friends. Since then, he has been performing by himself. He is self-taught in dance and acrobatic moves with his friends and incorporates these elements into his freestyle basketball performance.

Originally, NARI wanted to be a basketball player, but decided to focus on ball-handling technique when he realized he couldn't be a professional player. When he started to polish and master his ball-handling skill, he decided not to give up his dream this time. For the last 10 years, NARI has been playing MIYAVI's songs during his performance and dreamt about performing with him. Last year, he won the dance contest run by MIYAVI and got to perform with him on his tour. Now one of his dreams has come true, he is focusing on the next dream; performing at Nippon Budokan. His dream to perform at Nippon Budokan is just another step for his bigger dream to make this world a better place.

As a message for future performers, he said it is very important to focus and work hard toward your dream. Futhermore, he also feels they should voice their opinions and need to find the way to appeal to their audience. The way he keeps focusing and chasing his dream is an example for future performers to follow.

2017 Festival Report in English / Artist
2017/11/04 06:56 PM

Let the Magic of Theatre Change Your Life! / Teatro per Caso(Italy)

Did you see the noble women riding upon two beautiful white swans? It sounds like a scene out of a fairytale but performers Erica Vicenzi and Barbara Frizzi, of Italy's Teatro per Caso, bring this fantasy world to the streets of Shizuoka's downtown, with their graceful stilt-walking and magnificent costumes.
With 21 years of performing experience, starting in children's theatre, creating new things for street theatre has become their passion and life. The elaborate costmes are created and handmade by Barbara.
2017 is the second time for Teatro per Caso to participate in the Shizuoka Daidogei Festival. They love coming to Japan, especially the Daidogei, as it provides them with the opportunity to learn - both from the reactions of a Japanese audience, and the other top class performers taking part in the street performance world cup. Not only for us, but also for the swan stilt-walkers this four day festival is like a dream, where the smiles and good feeling of the audience inspire Erica and Barbara to do their very best.
To become a performer of Teatro per Caso is not easy: it takes a lot of hard work, training and also technical study, so it challenges both mind and body. However there is nothing that compares the smile of a child reacting to their performance, so the street theatre is a good life!
Teatro per Caso would like to express their gratitude to the audience of the Shizuoka Daidogei Festival.


2017 Festival Report in English / Artist
2017/11/04 06:55 PM

Unicycles and Juggling Do Mix! / Kent

Over on Ao-odori Street was a performer. This performer really has a passion for juggling and everything related to the circus.

Kent started juggling at the age of 17 with golf balls, but eventually graduated to red balls about the size of melons. He ended up juggling 7 of these balls at the same time during his performance.

Now at the age of 22, Kent is a 4th year at Japan's only Circus School in Gunma Prefecture.

The training shows, as he was able to pull off incredible feats, such as stacking 4 poles (2 meters each) on top of each other, balancing it on his forehead, and throwing a ball into a cup on the top of the pole.

Throughout the act there was an impeccable sense of rhythm as he managed to finish complicated tricks at the height of the songs. And even when there was a mistake, his youth and charisma carried him to a wonderful finish.

His final act involved him riding a unicycle while simultaenously juggling 5 balls and balancing one of the balls on top of his head. (I can't believe I can write that sentence in context)

If you get a chance, please take the time to see this wonderful performer. (Part Time American)

2017 Festival Report in English / Artist
2017/11/04 06:24 PM

Comedy Break Dancing Duo / Chojin Beats

I had trouble writing this article. Not because there were no words, but rather I had no words to officially appreciate the talent that was on stage.

First, the break dancing that we witnessed was truly championship level, as evidenced by the number of championships that the pairing of Yuuto Beats and Takuya Chojin.

One of the most interesting points during their 20 minute performance was when they invited one of the audience members to join them in their dance.

Holding hands in a line, they managed to make a man in his 50s dance like a break dancer by simple muscle manipulation.

Also, their comedic timing was also spot on, though considering they are from the Kansai Region, it is to be expected (many comedians are from Kansai).

Most of it was done through gestures rather than words, making it easy for people from abroad to understand when to laugh.

This group is amazing, and nothing I can say will be able to portray my feelings.

If you have time during the final day on Sunday, please take the time to see this duo.

2017 Festival Report in English / Artist
2017/11/04 06:16 PM

beautiful show on the wall

It's a man and woman pair who are from France.
They perform on a wall using wires.

Before the performance, many audience members were already waiting
When the music started, the atmosphere became mysterious.
Calm and beautiful music combined with the amazing performance, so the audiences were impressed.
Audiences were gradually brought into their world...

By mixing the two experiences, tango and climbing, they perform as no other artists can imitate.
They met in a workshop in 2005 and have been practicing together ever since, which showed in a lot of places.

They said it's warm in Shizuoka and the weather was nice. In addition,
audiences gave a warm applause, so the situation was perfect.
They perform on different walls, so they enjoy every show.

I asked how do you practice always with emotion and they answered "strong desire".
The pair constantly are aiming for the top and working their hardest under the mantra of"Yes, we can!".

The show was so mysterious, but they were very approachable with not only us during the interview,
but with the audience members as well when they were giving out signatures.
They perform in high places, so numerous people will be able to enjoy the show.
Please check out the performance which take us into the mysterious world.

facebook ⇒ Odile Gheysens In-Senso

You can check YouTube or some SNS, too!

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11/5(Sun)12:15~ 14:15~ 16:15~       

2017 Festival Report in English / Artist
2017/11/04 05:29 PM

Every child has a dream of being an astronaut /

An astronaut is walking without gravity, or he might be an alien from outer space?
Anyway, he finally came to Shizuoka.
Today, he performed in front of the Shin-Shizuoka Cenova Building where there were many families.
An astronaut is a dream job of many children, so he got their attention immediately.

Astronaut needs some money to continue his journey.
Children made a line to greet him.
As they throw money one by one, he flied, floating everytime as if he had been zero gravity .
Even seniors were moved, and made the line longer and longer.

What makes him go somewhere? Maybe a hint is in the display on his breast. It repeatedly shows KIRIN and DAIDOGEI typography. He may be exploring some place where nobody knows about KIRIN and DAIDOGEI.

2017 Festival Report in English / Artist
2017/11/04 05:23 PM

The Young Juggling King of the World / Dmitry Chernov

He is the young world champion of juggling. He first came to Japan at the age of 17, and this time marks
his 11th visit to Japan. He can handle 7 balls as juggler, which is the current world record.

We asked him about whether his costume was influenced by ninja or devil king attire, and he replied that it was a combination of shaman and a bit of magician, but it is not a Halloween costume he said with a smile. He did a one hand cartwheel while holding one of his juggling balls, showing that he is really an acrobatic and friendly shaman.

His parents were both performers of the circus , so he entered this field naturally when he was 7 years old.
When he was 12 years old, he started performing by himself. And in the same year, he won the title of the U-18 juggling championship in Russia. After he got the title , he became the winner at many competitions in the world.
It is really fantastic to see seven balls flying in the air.

Last year he came to Japan as a member of the Bolshoi Circus, so he is very skillful at communicating with the audience. He said that he went to many places in the world and Japan is the best place.
And he said especially he respected the people of Shizuoka.
I quite understood the reason why he has come to Japan 11 times.
( Fumisan )

2017 Festival Report in English / Artist
2017/11/04 11:53 AM