Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2017

beautiful show on the wall

It's a man and woman pair who are from France.
They perform on a wall using wires.

Before the performance, many audience members were already waiting
When the music started, the atmosphere became mysterious.
Calm and beautiful music combined with the amazing performance, so the audiences were impressed.
Audiences were gradually brought into their world...

By mixing the two experiences, tango and climbing, they perform as no other artists can imitate.
They met in a workshop in 2005 and have been practicing together ever since, which showed in a lot of places.

They said it's warm in Shizuoka and the weather was nice. In addition,
audiences gave a warm applause, so the situation was perfect.
They perform on different walls, so they enjoy every show.

I asked how do you practice always with emotion and they answered "strong desire".
The pair constantly are aiming for the top and working their hardest under the mantra of"Yes, we can!".

The show was so mysterious, but they were very approachable with not only us during the interview,
but with the audience members as well when they were giving out signatures.
They perform in high places, so numerous people will be able to enjoy the show.
Please check out the performance which take us into the mysterious world.

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