Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2017

Every child has a dream of being an astronaut /

An astronaut is walking without gravity, or he might be an alien from outer space?
Anyway, he finally came to Shizuoka.
Today, he performed in front of the Shin-Shizuoka Cenova Building where there were many families.
An astronaut is a dream job of many children, so he got their attention immediately.

Astronaut needs some money to continue his journey.
Children made a line to greet him.
As they throw money one by one, he flied, floating everytime as if he had been zero gravity .
Even seniors were moved, and made the line longer and longer.

What makes him go somewhere? Maybe a hint is in the display on his breast. It repeatedly shows KIRIN and DAIDOGEI typography. He may be exploring some place where nobody knows about KIRIN and DAIDOGEI.

2017 Festival Report in English / Artist
2017/11/04 05:23 PM
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