Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2017

The Young Juggling King of the World / Dmitry Chernov

He is the young world champion of juggling. He first came to Japan at the age of 17, and this time marks
his 11th visit to Japan. He can handle 7 balls as juggler, which is the current world record.

We asked him about whether his costume was influenced by ninja or devil king attire, and he replied that it was a combination of shaman and a bit of magician, but it is not a Halloween costume he said with a smile. He did a one hand cartwheel while holding one of his juggling balls, showing that he is really an acrobatic and friendly shaman.

His parents were both performers of the circus , so he entered this field naturally when he was 7 years old.
When he was 12 years old, he started performing by himself. And in the same year, he won the title of the U-18 juggling championship in Russia. After he got the title , he became the winner at many competitions in the world.
It is really fantastic to see seven balls flying in the air.

Last year he came to Japan as a member of the Bolshoi Circus, so he is very skillful at communicating with the audience. He said that he went to many places in the world and Japan is the best place.
And he said especially he respected the people of Shizuoka.
I quite understood the reason why he has come to Japan 11 times.
( Fumisan )

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2017/11/04 11:53 AM
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