Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2017

Comedy Break Dancing Duo / Chojin Beats

I had trouble writing this article. Not because there were no words, but rather I had no words to officially appreciate the talent that was on stage.

First, the break dancing that we witnessed was truly championship level, as evidenced by the number of championships that the pairing of Yuuto Beats and Takuya Chojin.

One of the most interesting points during their 20 minute performance was when they invited one of the audience members to join them in their dance.

Holding hands in a line, they managed to make a man in his 50s dance like a break dancer by simple muscle manipulation.

Also, their comedic timing was also spot on, though considering they are from the Kansai Region, it is to be expected (many comedians are from Kansai).

Most of it was done through gestures rather than words, making it easy for people from abroad to understand when to laugh.

This group is amazing, and nothing I can say will be able to portray my feelings.

If you have time during the final day on Sunday, please take the time to see this duo.

2017 Festival Report in English / Artist
2017/11/04 06:16 PM
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