Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2013

Powerful and Beautiful Russian Bar / TOMCHUK

Russian bar performer TOMCHUK attracted the audience with their power and beauty.
Russian bar is one of the circus acts originally from Russia.
2 porters support a 5-meter-long bowing bar and the flyer jumps on the bar as if he / she jumps on a trampoline.

Photo by K.Ohkawa

Zhenya, the flyer, jumps gorgeously with cool expression. He looks like a ballet dancer, and his grace makes the audience forget a dangerous position for a while.
Igor Tomchuk supports the performance physically as a porter, and mentally as a leader. After he had experienced various kinds of circus acts, he always has kept trying new performances. Now his Russian bar is above the balls!

Photo by UME-san

It is very lucky for us to watch their performance so far from Ukraine.
Thank you for coming to Shizuoka and hopefully we will see you soon again!
We look forward to watching more advanced Russian bar next time.


2013Festival Report in English / 2013Artist
2013/11/04 03:56 PM

Welcome to the world of Canard Pekinois / Canard Pekinois

In the year of celebrating their 15th birthday,
Canard Pekinois is back to Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka
for the first time in the last 6 years!

Comedy, acrobat (probably), sumo wrestling, and falconer, ......
Two white-faced guys astonish the people on the street,
sometimes softly, and sometimes vigorously.

Canard Pekinois run around, or run over the venue
while presenting their performance.

The spectators are instantly engaged in the show
and soon to be enchanted by a surreal experience in the world of Canard Pekinois.
You cannot look aside while they are putting a signboard
that says "preparing" in front of them.

To the question asking their feel and impression about Shizuoka,
where they finally came back in six years, they said in calm but excitedly,
"the show must go on for 10 days!",
"too many people, many, many," and
"as a celebration of our 15th birthday,
our rushing souls are dedicated to the Mt. Fuji,
the World Heritage, no, the Universal Heritaeg!
This is the greatest honour to us!"

...... Their burning passion may not be fully conveyed here,
and the overwhelming universal-scale appeal proved their powers of persuasion.

Lastly, here is useful information for their fans.
You can see them in Shizuoka also after the Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka.
Canard Pekinois, who are *not* Shizuoka-born,
but must have a great knowledge about Shizuoka more than ordinary Shizuoka people,
run a one-man art exhibition in Kawane Honcho by November 22, 2013.
Then they come down to Shizuoka city again to participate in Street Festival in Shizuoka 2013.

Look for "Taro Yasuda (安田太朗) on Facebook for more details.

Enjoy the different world of Canard Pakinois!


2013Festival Report in English / 2013Artist
2013/11/04 03:55 PM

The Japanese Worldwide Yo-Yo Entertainer is Coming Back!!/BLACK

BLACK has been performing all over the world and making great breakthroughs.
Especially this year(2013), he performed at the Cirque du Soleil as the first yo-yo artist.

At this Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka, his well-constructed performance includes;
various techniques with two yo-yos, the world's first "yo-yoing tablecloth pull-away", the thrilling "coin shot" with an audience, and the Japanese-inspired original Japaneseness piece performed at the Cirque du Soleil.
Audiences was always struck by his sensitive yet powerful performance.

He was slightly worried about the fan's reaction in Shizuoka since it had been a while to perform in Japan.
However, he felt reassured by warm-heartedly support of the fans here.

We can't keep our eyes off his performance - Don't miss it!


2013Festival Report in English / 2013Artist
2013/11/04 03:45 PM

Non-stop Chatterbox / "Damejan Koide"

A Japanese word, "Dame" means a person who is stupid a little bit,
and things wouldn't be none the worse for it,
so that he has to keep his chin up and go forward more and more.

Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka 2013 is the 21th perticipation to the festival for Damejan Koide.
All the audience is enchanted by his various and delightful performance, such as magic and diabolo.

He intends to bring more laughter to people in Shizuoka,
who are looking forward to seeing him and joining in his performance.
Gradually being involved in his show, audience rapidly goes on
with his talkative character and sharp tongue.
Not only children, but also adults are involved into his show and enjoy it a lot.
This proves his well-polished technique to tease people.

Many audience in Shizuoka are already trained and treated by his sharp tongue,
and they often trigger a miracle collaboration.

This flexible and riposte talking at sight, which go far beyond Manzai and Rakugo, can be tasted only at the venue.

On the last day, Damejan Koide will play at Central Squre Shizuoka,
and he says he will show different performance at every stage.

Don't miss them all!

yuki & hiromi

2013Festival Report in English / 2013Artist
2013/11/04 11:14 AM

Come and play with us! / Funny Bones

During the interview, we asked about what to seen in their captivating,
skillfully flexible performance.

Funny Bones carefully deals with the atmosphere of the venue, so that their

performance shows different aspects each time.

K-Bow explained that our performance is made up of the organizer of the event,
Funny Bones and the spectators; and everyone enjoys our show and
savours the lingering moment. This is our show.
Chris added that comedy performance is not a spectator sport.
"We want the spectators to come across the border between them and us,
then join our performance," added Chris.

They catch happenings during the stage and blend them in the course of their show,
even if they are beyond expectation.

Especially they take children's reaction seriously.

"If we do not give any feedback to their 'inner clown',
which they produced by breaking out of their skin,
they would feel sad because they might think their clown was neglected.

Verbally expressed thoghts that are put in their performance were really touching.

Come, and share fun time with Funny Bones.
They are looking forward to sharing time and creating a one-off show with you.

yuki & hiromi

2013Festival Report in English / 2013Artist
2013/11/04 10:47 AM

Cool performance by a well-matched couple / The Human Fountain

Jesse and Amber are a just-married couple on the Sunday just before they flew to Japan for Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka.

When we asked about their impression to Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka,
Jesse said "people here are very nice and respectful to us and this festival.
This is really wonderful place. We are very happy to be here!"

And following his comment, Amber told us with a charming smile
that they felt they were really lucky since participating Daidogei
seems to be their honeymoon.
Her voice conveyed that they fully enjoy their first stay in Shizuoka.

The warm and loving couple from Edmonton in Alberta, Canada,
presents a cool and delightful water tricks.

Two kind participants picked from among the spectators accommodate Amber's request
and start pedaling to energize Jesse the Human Fountain.
Then, ......

Your help is vital to reach the climax of their performance.
If you hear the voice of Amber saying "could you help me?",
don't be shy, and give your hand (and legs & feet) for them!

yuki & hiromi

2013Festival Report in English / 2013Artist
2013/11/04 09:27 AM