Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2013

Powerful and Beautiful Russian Bar / TOMCHUK

Russian bar performer TOMCHUK attracted the audience with their power and beauty.
Russian bar is one of the circus acts originally from Russia.
2 porters support a 5-meter-long bowing bar and the flyer jumps on the bar as if he / she jumps on a trampoline.

Photo by K.Ohkawa

Zhenya, the flyer, jumps gorgeously with cool expression. He looks like a ballet dancer, and his grace makes the audience forget a dangerous position for a while.
Igor Tomchuk supports the performance physically as a porter, and mentally as a leader. After he had experienced various kinds of circus acts, he always has kept trying new performances. Now his Russian bar is above the balls!

Photo by UME-san

It is very lucky for us to watch their performance so far from Ukraine.
Thank you for coming to Shizuoka and hopefully we will see you soon again!
We look forward to watching more advanced Russian bar next time.


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2013/11/04 03:56 PM
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