Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2013

Come and play with us! / Funny Bones

During the interview, we asked about what to seen in their captivating,
skillfully flexible performance.

Funny Bones carefully deals with the atmosphere of the venue, so that their

performance shows different aspects each time.

K-Bow explained that our performance is made up of the organizer of the event,
Funny Bones and the spectators; and everyone enjoys our show and
savours the lingering moment. This is our show.
Chris added that comedy performance is not a spectator sport.
"We want the spectators to come across the border between them and us,
then join our performance," added Chris.

They catch happenings during the stage and blend them in the course of their show,
even if they are beyond expectation.

Especially they take children's reaction seriously.

"If we do not give any feedback to their 'inner clown',
which they produced by breaking out of their skin,
they would feel sad because they might think their clown was neglected.

Verbally expressed thoghts that are put in their performance were really touching.

Come, and share fun time with Funny Bones.
They are looking forward to sharing time and creating a one-off show with you.

yuki & hiromi

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2013/11/04 10:47 AM
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