Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2013

Non-stop Chatterbox / "Damejan Koide"

A Japanese word, "Dame" means a person who is stupid a little bit,
and things wouldn't be none the worse for it,
so that he has to keep his chin up and go forward more and more.

Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka 2013 is the 21th perticipation to the festival for Damejan Koide.
All the audience is enchanted by his various and delightful performance, such as magic and diabolo.

He intends to bring more laughter to people in Shizuoka,
who are looking forward to seeing him and joining in his performance.
Gradually being involved in his show, audience rapidly goes on
with his talkative character and sharp tongue.
Not only children, but also adults are involved into his show and enjoy it a lot.
This proves his well-polished technique to tease people.

Many audience in Shizuoka are already trained and treated by his sharp tongue,
and they often trigger a miracle collaboration.

This flexible and riposte talking at sight, which go far beyond Manzai and Rakugo, can be tasted only at the venue.

On the last day, Damejan Koide will play at Central Squre Shizuoka,
and he says he will show different performance at every stage.

Don't miss them all!

yuki & hiromi

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2013/11/04 11:14 AM
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