Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2019

A part of journey/Lorenzo Mastropietro

Look at him and guess what he is.

A man in a suit on the DAIDOGEI festival, so he is not a businessman.
He is a performer.
Because of his posture, you may think his performance is a pantomime or comedy. But, which is not correct.

He is a juggler. A hat juggler Lorenzo Mastropietro.

Lorenzo said,
"Usually, a juggler use balls or clubs but I try not to use these special tools, because I want to make it "normal". Hats are normal, and people use them everyday. That's why I choose hats for juggling"

His juggling is fragile as well. Hats are easily blown by wind. Despite such a hard condition, he juggle 5 hats. When you saw he's juggling, you might confuse his hats have magnets. Hats are well controlled and stick to his body just like magnets. But, hats are fragile, especially on the street. So he might fail sometime. However his jolly character and humor cover his failure. And audiences want to cheer him up. Probably, audiences support him because of his character, which is deeply based on his philosophy.

He said that failure is a part of journey.

"When you fail, don't be serious but, don't stop trying. You should think a failure is a part of journey, you will learn something from it. It will take you to the right place. Then, it cannot be a trauma."

His performance will give you energy to live , philosophy to overcome a failure and make you smile.

He said that audiences in Shizuoka were beautiful and made him feel home. I wish he will be coming back and make us smile again.


2019 Festival Report in English / Artist
2019/11/04 04:30 PM
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