Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2014

He is back !/ Bello Nock

Unfortunately, it was raining the first day of Daidogei World Cup 2014 in Shizuoka.
Even this bad condition many performer show their amazing skill.
But, how can you imagine a daredevil who was spining on 14 m hight wheel of death within rain?
This is Bello Nock who won the Daidougei World Cup championship last year. He has backed to Shizuoka!!

He said that "It is dangerous even it sunny and wheel is good engough dry".
So, why he perform in this terrible condition?

"I try to do what I can do for people who come to see my show even weather is not good", Bello Nock said.
He is a true professional performer!!

Bello Nock is a crown but his acrobatic show is a breathtaking!
He is the only performer who could perform a show which connect laugh and scare.

He brings more safisticated show than last year. Wheel he brings this year is 3m higher than last year.
Unfortunately audiences coudn't see all of his trick today, but he said that If weather is good, he could show us more.
Come to Daidogei and enjoy great entertainment from the all over the world!
Don't miss it!


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2014/10/31 05:38 PM
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