Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2014


デイリーニュースペーパー11月3日号外は こちら からダウンロードできます。

2014/11/03 06:24 PM

11/3 ハイライト! ⑥

photo by S.Watai

2014/11/03 05:49 PM

11/3 ハイライト! ⑤

photo by A.Maruyama

2014/11/03 05:47 PM

11/3 ハイライト! ④

photo by A.Sugiura

2014/11/03 05:46 PM

11/3 ハイライト! ③

photo by H.Shinohara

2014/11/03 05:45 PM

11/3 ハイライト! ②

photo by N.Saito

2014/11/03 05:43 PM

11/3 ハイライト! ①

photo by Y.Inokuma

2014/11/03 05:40 PM


Finally, the sun shine has comeback!!
People in Shizuoka have been waiting for this clear blue sky!
But not only human-being, there're some other creature that can not hide their joy.
It's the frogs; "SHALTON THEATER."

You have to be very careful when you walk in "the walking street,"
because you may happen to see these jumping frogs.
Of course they're not going to hurt you but they may try to lick you with their long tongue!

Red goggled-eyes, wedding hands, muscular legs,
their intense appearance always draws the audiences' attention, especially the kids.
Some are frightened, some are curious, some try to jump together.
The two frogs always accept their reaction gently.

Under the blue sky, your heart must be hopping just like the frogs.


2014Festival Report in English / 2014Etc
2014/11/03 04:03 PM

Fountain of ideas / Thank you Tezuka

His tools seems very handmade and sometimes broken.
Especially, durling DAIDOGEI World Cup 2014, they are hit by heavy rain.
But don't worry! He creates new stories and tools from one to the next.
He doeesn't need to use old tools.

He deals with very fresh topical problems, new songs and cinemas.
It's worth learning Japanese to understand his fresh stories.

So he is always improving his stories and tools, even during World Cup.
His progressive attitude masut have very good influence for young artists.
Thank you Tezuka!!


2014Festival Report in English / 2014Artist
2014/11/03 03:57 PM

Universal excitaion and happiness / CIRCO PITNANGA

The "multinational" duo comes to Japan for the first time!
10 years ago,
Loïse : an alpine sweet born in Australia, and
Oren : from Israel, spent long time in Idia,
started circus performance under the Pitanga tree in Brazil.
Their performances deal with universal affairs of man and woman.

"Cordes Nuptiales" was created for this DAIDOGEI World Cup in Shizuoka over a long time.
It starts with sense of tension and expectation for marriage.
Then the bridal couple are caught in funny accidents.
Finally, they co-create a beautiful aerial.

(photo by N.Saito)

Irrespective of cultural background, age and sex, you may share the feeling of the bridal couple.

Congratulations on CIRCO PITANGA's successful performance in Japan, the first unknown-language country.
Please enjoy Japanese hot spring (onsen) durling final days in Japan.


* Pitanga is a Brazilian tree, with white flower and red fruit. The fruit is very acid but not as much as lemon.
* They can speak English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Hebrew.

2014Festival Report in English / 2014Artist
2014/11/03 03:53 PM