Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2012

Chinese acrobats, now and beyond./ Duo Yingling

A massive crowd is cheering loudly in the middle of the street in Shizuoka. With Daidogei World Cup taking place,
two artists from China, the Duo Yingling, are here to perform their distinctive and mysterious acrobatic show.
Training twenty years together, the two knows each other like sisters, and have a perfect synronization in their act.

With tremendous flexibility, the two can perform difficult act with ease.
Spinning towels and spear with their hand and arm, you will be amazed at what they can do.
Combining their own ideas into the traditional chinese acrobat, the Duo Yingling will have you cheering in amazement!

I asked what they do to maintain such a athletic body, and they told me "Nothing special, we eat alot of vegetables, practice, and not eat too much fast food. We also practice 8 hours a day, and only rest on Sundays. It's not easy."
You can say that practicing over and over creates the backbone to their successful performance.

We asked Duo Yingling about the audience in Shizuoka, and they told us happily that the crowd was "amazing!" The
two currently resides in England and Germany, and are flying to Finland after the World Cup.
There is not much time left, don't miss their performance!


2012Festival Report in English
2012/11/04 02:11 PM
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