Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2012

A break through of the break dance duo./Syogyomujo Brothers

This year, Syogyomujo Brothers have made it to the "On-stage" division.
With tremendous athletic ability, Hide and Toshi-ROCK shows off their powerful moves
in Shizuoka.
The two looks toward the camera and strikes a pose throughout the
performance, showing their self-confidence.
Not only that their breakdance is outstanding which makes the crowd applause naturally,
but also they make funny faces which makes the crowd laugh.
Increasing the difficulty of their performance at the climax of their performance
sends the crowd to a standing ovation.

After the performance, the two greeted us with a smile.
I asked them why they were making funny faces during the performance,
and they told me that "if we continuously breakdance, we would tire out the audience."
Always thinking about the audience, the Syogyomujo Brothers are a true entertainer.

By the way, it is Toshi-ROCK's birthday today.
From making enterance to their first Daidogei World Cup and warm birthday
wishes to come, they are ready to perform on stage!

Come and watch to congratuate the Syogyomujo Brothers yourself!

2012Festival Report in English / 2012Artist
2012/11/03 06:54 PM

Mom's handmade from Tohoku / Cafe for Reconstruction Assistance

During the festival, you can eat various foods from all over Japan.
Today, I'd like to introduce a special cafe providing aid for the Great East Japan Earthquake.

This cafe is managed by a citizen group in Shizuoka.
To supoort affected housewives and small factories,
they are selling handmade crafts and foods.
They also introduce their supporting activities in Tohoku region.

You can also make a contribution in this festival
by getting annual limited badges.
When you see a big red ball, please chip in with.
This donation is used for activities making Tohoku people happy with laugh.
Thank you.


2012Festival Report in English / 2012Appearance of festival
2012/11/03 06:48 PM

It is...jewell box of PERFORMANCE!!/ to R mansion

Their performance was filled with glittering atmosphere.

(photo by Y.I)

With 4 member's unique characteristics combined, to R mansion is able to bring the audiences into their dreamy world.
Various scenes unfold from one minute to the next.
At one scene, a headless-man quickly changed to beautiful woman,
and in another, there was car-chasing, which is a scene from a famous movie.
Their teamwork worked well. Any move meant something so you can't miss any of them.
Also, their concern for staff or audience was very nice.
We asked them why, and they told us, "because we like people."

This is the first year for them to perform in the "ON-stage" division.
They enphasized, "Please suport us for a long time!"

I believe that they will take part in making the DAIDOGEI color at Shizuoka for future.


(photo by Y.I)

2012Festival Report in English / 2012Artist
2012/11/03 06:24 PM

You could be one of the performer!/Leandre

Audiences are waiting for Leandre to make an entrance, and suprisingly he comes out of the crowd.
He had blended into the crowd like a ghost, and that's why we could not know his presence.
Suddenly by a surprised voice of the audience, he makes his entrance on the stage.
His performance is not the same all the time!!
I can understand why he and his audiences match, he doesn't feel difficulty
by difference of language, because he mainly uses body language.
He engages his audience by using daily stuff.
The audience become confused when his or her name is called to join the performance, but when they finish their part,
we can see the accomplishment and feeling of unity on their faces.
Leandre has performed at this DAIDOGEI event before, and he likes it very much.
Would you like to be a performer?


2012Festival Report in English / 2012Artist
2012/11/03 06:14 PM

It's a joyful show time!/ Performer Kana

Everyone knows Performer Kana who appears frequently in Daidogei World
Along with her excellent flexibility and dynamic in her ballet dance,
she has her own distinctive talk which grabs hold of the audience.

This year being the eight year performing in Daidogei, it is the first
time Kana has made apperance in the on-stage division.
"I feel nervous to be competing against skillful artists,but I feel very
honored," saids Kana with a great smile.

With her genuine smile, you will never guess how much hardship she has
gone through. Eerytime she feels discouraged, she thinks about
"performing a great stage at the Daidogei" for her audience.
Her strong belief of "working hard to make people happy" has been her
driving force.

Having a great smile and making improvements on every stage,
many people becomes in love with Kana's performance.

Don't miss Kana's performance, you will be next in falling captive to her performance!


2012Festival Report in English / 2012Artist
2012/11/03 05:48 PM

All OK!! / Funny Bones

The two-man combo of Chris from UK and K-bow from Japan,
performing all over Japan and the world, finally comes to Shizuoka!
Their warm and joyful performances are sometimes universally understood,
sometimes specially made for Japanese audience (ex. comedy skit from a famous animation).
They've created various kinds of performances over a decade.

Today, they pretended to catch a big fish in the Fountain of Tokiwa Park,
the beauty spot of Shizuoka.

"Everybody is a winner in this DAIDOGEI worldcup in Shizuoka!" by Chris
"All OK! Be happy together!" by K-bow

Thank you for the happy performance!
Please enjoy Shizuoka and come again!


2012Festival Report in English / 2012Artist
2012/11/03 05:11 PM
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