Festival Report The Street Artists of Gofuku- フェスティバル レポート 2017

The Street Artists of Gofuku-cho Street

The Shizuoka Daidogei Street Performance Festival is of course famous for its big thrills acrobatic acts, drawing big crowds to Sunpu and Aoba Parks. But if you prefer a slower pace, or are bringing small children to the festival, then the closer interaction of the street performers on Gofuku-cho Street are highly recommended.

Gofuku-cho street is the entrance to Shizuoka City, and during the Daidogei festival the atmosphere is extra lively with stalls, clowns, walking acts and street performers giving you a warm welcome.
You can find mysterious statues that will suddenly spring to life.
There are street magicians, performing their magic under the watchful eye of a very close audience- even then you won't be able to find out their secrets! Stilt walkers, tower above the pedestrians, yet stop to interact with small children.
Street artists, performing a wide range of juggling, acrobatics, pantomime and comedy acts enjoy a close rapport with the spectators.
And of course the clowns bring a smile to everyone's face.
Welcome to Shizuoka's Daidogei Street Performance Festival!!


2017 Festival Report in English / Appearance of festival
2017/11/05 02:31 PM
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