Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2016

Cool, Cooler, and Coolest! Mat Ricardo

A gentleman has come from England. His name, Mat Ricardo! The gentleman, with his necessary lucky hat and a cigar, gave a very COOL performance. In fact, I think we can say he gave a cool, cooler, coolest performance!

In fact, he has a trick that only he can perform! It:s called the Fast Tablecloth Pull Back! Wait, but isn't Sakai Masaaki also famous for that? Well, the difference is, he not only pulls the tablecloth out, but also puts it back! On top of that, Mat taught Sakai how to do the table cloth trick.

For his finishing act, mat always performs his table cloth trick which has taken him 10 years to master.

You can see this trick first in Shizuoka! "There is no secret," says Mat, "You just have to practice." If you practice, you might be able to do this trick too...

Removing the table cloth.

Replacing the table cloth.

Come check out the trick that only Mat can do!

As for Mat's message to his audience? He's happy that everyone here is very warm and friendly!

(Translated by Illaura Rossiter)

2016 Festival Report in English / Artist
2016/11/05 01:49 PM
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