Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2015

Zero Gravity/Delreves Vertical Dance Company

Please see the picture below.

What are you think about that?
A couple is dancing but, they are completely defying the law of gravity.
All the matters are controlled by the laws of nature, gravity.
How a human can defy it?

I give you another picture.

They are dancing on the vertical wall! How daredevils are they!
However, this vertical wall allows them to dance with a different dimension.
Free for everything!!

Delreves vertical dance company is a dancer duo from Barcelona.
They come up with an idea of dancing on the vertical wall to find another kind of dance with mixture of architecture.

I swear their dance is completely new and you have never seen such a dance before.
After watching their dance your brain may confuse.
A world on the wall is a real? Or a world on the ground is a real?

This is there first time in Japan! You can't miss it!!
You can fly with them!


2015 Festival Report in English / 2015Artist
2015/11/02 10:30 AM
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