Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2015

Perfect Timing - Team Funniest

Team Funniest are young. They are deceivingly young. At first sight it is hard to imagine what kind of performance they could offer, but it turns out that Team Funniest have been performing for over 11 years together, and they offer one of the most polished and entertaining performances that the World Cup has seen.

Their show includes a combination of juggling, physical humor, and mime, but perhaps their greatest talent is in their perfect timing and wonderful crowd interaction. Using only facial expressions and physical gestures to communicate with the audience, they brought members of the audience into their act and made them heroes and heroines with smiles all round.

Indeed they are the funniest, and an obvious favorite with the kids, who they had laughing almost the entirety of the show, but their fan base was from all age groups.

This is their second time at the World Cup, and they are currently learning Japanese so it would be great to see them performing as regulars in Japan. Their show is highly recommeded, make sure you get time to catch it.

(Mr. Jugglish)

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2015/10/31 04:23 PM
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