Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2015

Blue ocean in the sky / Aurelie Dauphin

Find blue aerial silk, you can see Aurelie Dauphin, France.
This is her first time to perform in Shizuoka.
She is not just a solo aerial artist, but also a member of OVO, Cirque du Soleil.
The combination of these various activities all over the world inspires her to create works of aerial art.

"Dauphin" means dolphin in English.
A beautiful dolphin swims freely in the ocean, then...

photo by rangga

When we interviewed, she couldn't perform because of the rain.
She gave a hearty message to everyone.

Hello! My name is Aurelie Dauphin, it's been a real pleasure to perform in Shizuoka.
I had the chance to have a real exchange with the Japanese audience.
The connection that we had is what makes me as an artist filled like Mt. Fuji.
That, by the way, could seen from the top of my crane.
I wish every artist here to transcend with the the audience, for without it here can be no performer.
From the bottom of my heart Arigatogozaimasu! All the very best and thank you for hearing me here!
Aurelie Dauphin


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2015/11/02 10:27 PM
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