Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2014

Dancing and juggling with rhythm and style!/ Zange

Rhythmically popping with every beat, Zange shows
off his nimbleness by twisting and bending his body.
Also with his dance, he uses juggles glass balls
to entertain his audience.

Zange started dancing in elementary school, and
wins second place with his partner in Japan High School
Street Dance Competition. However, he feels defeat when
only his partner is offered a professional position as a

Not losing hope, Zange decides to work harder and realize
his dream by competing in New York's Apollo Theatre amature
night, where he wins first place 6 times out of 9 competitions
he enters, including his debut competition.

Although the word "Zange" in Japanese means remorse,
Zange actually has warm feelings toward his father when he
named his performance name "Zange". His father managed an
independent business, but had alot of hardship during work
and wished his son would have a stable income working in
a company. Punishing himself by naming himself Zange,
Zange works hard wishing his parents would be happy
when he claims victory in competitions.

At Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka, Zange has promised to
prove his own ability by showing that he is a "competitive
Come and enjoy Zange's unprecedeted performance!

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2014/10/31 08:18 PM
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