Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2014

Unbelievable moves/ Mr. Fantastic

Showing his flexibility, Mr. Fantastic twists his arms and legs
together like he has no bones in his body, leaving the
audience wondering, "how did he do that?"

Mr. Fantastic started popping when he was in high school,
where he found he had natural talent.
With vertebrae that bends naturally, he was able to lean
backwards and have his back touch the ground while still
standing on his feet. And with practice, Mr. Fantastic acquired
flexibility to perform sick moves that led him to becoming a
finalist at Nocturnal Wonderland, making popping his future career.

However, popularity of Mr. Fantastic is not only because he
is physically talented, but because he is able to adapt to his
environment and go over the expectation of his audience.
Today at Shizuoka Daidogei, rain poured heavily as the show
started, so Mr. Fantastic decides to strip off his suit with humor,
bursting the audience into laughter.

Having a positive attitude and living carefree, Mr. Fantastic
is here to show us how to enjoy living life.
If you come and see his performance, you will surely forget
about the busy work life and learn to enjoy an entertaining show.


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2014/10/31 07:05 PM
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