Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2013

Fantastic magic show!/KAMIMARO

Wearing a red-colored costume, Kamimaro performs a magic show with exotic background music.
The audience cannot take their eyes off his show from beginning to the end.
His show-name, "Kamimaro," is named by his friend after he performed at a ninjya mansion located in Akasaka.
"KAMI"is his family name, and "MARO" was given to him by his friend as a stage name.
Nowadays, he has a chance to go to foreign countries to perform his fantasy-like magic show
along with the shows he does in Japan. The audience are immersed into his magic and tries hard to unravel his tricks,trying hard not to blink and miss any details.
Kamimaro has a wide range of tricks, in which daytime show and nighttime show are totally different.
Don't miss the exciting opportunity to see Kamimaro's magic!

From Yuki

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2013/11/01 10:03 PM

棒の上に着地! / トムチュック


Photo by K.Ohkawa


Photo by UME-san



2013フェスティバルレポート / 2013アーティスト ワールドカップ部門
2013/11/01 09:38 PM

Thrilling and humorous Stunt/Bello Nock

The "America's best clown" has come back to Shizuoka for the second time
with another amazing performance!
With passion, humor, and athleticism, Bello Nock has brought his invention,
"double wheel on steel" to blow us away with another comical and exciting show.

The clown starts by running inside a circular wheel high in the air,
making the audience gasp as the wheel spins in circular motion.
Then, just when the audience restores calmness after the wheel stops,
the clown steps outside the wheel without any lifeline, and takes away
the breathe of the audience for another exciting stunt.

I asked the clown why he has choosen this act, and his response was that
"Japanese audience are passionate about what they see, and that we chose
an act that was dangerous, difficult, exciting, daring, and yet comical."

"We perform to see the audience smile, nothing is more rewarding than that,"
saids Bello Nock with passion and sincerity.
Come and see Bello Nock, you will surely be screaming in thrill and laughter.


2013Festival Report in English / 2013Artist
2013/11/01 09:02 PM

The stage of great laughter with the audience/Mika Kanou

The audience had already been waiting for Mika Kanou.
Shortly, "The Kanou World" made an entrance to the first stage of DAIDOUGEI World Cup in Shizuoka.

A waist pouch, a recorder, and a piece of paper with the words "A boy friend needed!" ...
she uses simple tools, but she develops extremely surrealistic world with them.
Once you are indulged into her show, you will not be able to stop laughing!

Be careful! When she gazes in your eyes, that means you're already a prey to her stage as a special guest!
She may make you clean the stage floor or make you do mysterious dance with her.
Anyway, she'll never let you go until the end of the show....!

Yes, her stage never completes without the audience.
A shy lady who's got spectacular body language taught us this through her show.


2013Festival Report in English / 2013Artist
2013/11/01 05:56 PM

An Intense and Passionate Love Story/Heloise & William

Hanging high in the air, the two performers continuously repels and attracts
each other other on a Chinese pole.
The two perfomers, Heloise and William, portrays a relationship
of love with both intensity and passion.

At one moment, the two repels each other and pushes each other apart, and in another
moment, the two are both physically and mentally close.
As I saw the two race to the top of the 10 meter high Chinese pole and look straight down, it
sent an alarming message.
Just as I expected, the two darted straight down the Chinese pole in a motion of struggle!
At only a foot off the ground, William caught Heloise and stopped her from crashing into
the ground.

As I interviewed Heloise and William, they told me a relationship is
"rough at some moments." However, every relationship has its ups and downs, but we can all
come to find happiness and satisfaction in love.
I asked them if they connect certain memories in the past with their performance, and they
chuckled and told me "it changes every time."

The two have shown a love story that relates to all of us.
If you want to reminesce about the
past or have your heart pounding by the acrobatic performance and passion that Heloise and
William have for each other, join us in Daidogei World Cup!!


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