Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2011

Feel the warmness!/Amaru

It was raining pretty hard when he started to perform, but his enthusiastic character attracted audience quickly!
In fact, I forgot it was raining.

His theme for his performance is to let people know that we are not alone.
When you see his performance, you will know what he means.
He intaracts with audience in a unique way and you will feel the unity at the place.
He usually acts a story of famous people or a famous story.
I am sure you will feel the person's heart by watching his acting because he is really good at showing the emotion of the person he is acting.
He said, "I try to think how this person felt in this situation."

He brings warmness and happiness in your heart.

Go see his great show!


2011Festival Report in English / 2011Artist
2011/11/06 01:02 PM

Bone-tickling laughter!/ Funny Bones

They are back with more trick than ever!

Meet the Funny Bones, a team composed of two entertainers,

Keibo from Japan, and Chris from the UK.

Juggling, magic tricks, breakdance, and more coming in

rapid successions, Funny Bones knows just how to keep their

crowd entertained. “I want the crowd to enjoy the show,”saids

Keibo, who uses everyday items with a unique taste of originality

to turn it into laughter.

With respect and appreciation towards each other, Keibo and

Chris continues to trial and error at every stage, working together

to spread the love and happiness to the world.

Come watch for yourselves, Funny Bones will try anything to make you



2011Festival Report in English / 2011Artist
2011/11/05 06:34 PM

Welcome-back Alan!!/Alan Sulc

Alan the 2006 World Cup champion is back !
He performed in 2009 the last time but the big audience was more excited than before.
I think that Alan is the one of most unforgettable artists (especially for women?).

Using Irish dancing steps, he showed his bounce juggling with 9 balls.
It was very quick just like he filled people's hearts with a refreshing breeze.

After the performance he looked very relaxing always with a smile in "the second hometown"Shizuoka!!


2011Festival Report in English / Special program
2011/11/05 06:27 PM

Let be fine and fresh / Mariano Guz

Mariano, who is franch artist.
With stimulating audiences- smile & laugh and shows his comical performances.

Before beginning show , a lot of audience get together in round.
While just starting his comical action induces audience laugh and surprise
,then with continuing to have the audience laugh and involving them gradually into his world.

Not only causing laugh but also wonder by installing his head into balloon and jumping in it.
While riding a high unisycle, where he shows fire- juggling.

He came to shizuoka first time and feels the audiences are a little bit shy at beginning but after starting show,
becomes gradually and really enjoying togeher. A smiling which stimulates health condition and keep to encourage
japanese mind even in tough condition now. So please enjoy Mariano's performance togher with your families at sight.

2011Festival Report in English / 2011Artist
2011/11/05 02:58 PM

The acrobat guys!/ Duo Strakhov

What amazing talent!

Have you ever seen two man, literally head to head, standing

on top of each other? The Duo Strakhov, a twin from Ukraine,

has traveled a long way to show off their acrobatic performance,

and they have earned their stage.

From the age of six, the brothers have trained hard to put their

performance together, showing great dedication and enthusiam.

With their muscular body and strength, they put on a performance that

requires extreme power above all.

But don't be mislead, they are extremely humble and friendly. When I asked

them about their hard practice, the Strakhov brothers jokingly said,

"we practice on stage.″

For the Duo Strakhov, the stage is their life, and the crowd is their family.

Please come and watch, as you will be dazzled by their performance.

peparoni pizza, nami

2011Festival Report in English / 2011Artist
2011/11/05 01:55 PM

Big and lovely butterfly comes to SHIZUOKA!!/Butterfly

One day, there is a ladybug which has a longing for a butterfly.
When he plays a toy of butterfly, suddenly a very very big and beautiful butterfly appeared in his presence with elegant music.

The ladybug and the audience are very surprised because she is so tall.

She started to walk gently with a well-balanced long legs.
She flutters her wings again and again and always smiling.
It is so charming!!

The ladybug are very happy because there is a real butterfly he has dreamed.
He danced with joy and carried her on his shoulders.

The performance he climbed her body and bring close faces enlivened everyone.
Their love romance enchanted the audience.

Butterfly will show a wonderful performance tomorrow and one after tomorrow too.
Would you come to her fantastic and romantic world ??


2011Festival Report in English / 2011Artist
2011/11/04 05:36 PM
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