Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2018

Artistic BMX Performance by Vincent Warin

Vincent Warin, from Lille, France, performs with his BMX bicycle, and this is his first time in Shizuoka. He met BMX when he was 14, and his first sport show was when he was 18. However, he didn't start his current artistic style show until he was 24. Even though people imagine BMX as sporting and racing activity, his performance is more artistic and theatrical.

Warin came out on the Premium stage with his BMX on his shoulder covered in black clothes, and the audience might have wondered "Is it an elephant man? Is it a ghost? What is it?" He comments that even though he has his own story with his performance, he wants the audience to use their imagination and make their own story. He also told us how his interesting and mysterious performance is made. First, he practices and comes up with new stunts, then he makes choreography out of the stunts he came up with. From all those parts of choreography he made, he thinks of stories he wants to tell based on his daliy life and the world.

As well as he likes to perform indoor such as today's Premium stage, he likes to perform outdoor. Warin said he personally likes to perform outdoor, but theatrically, performing indoor is prefered since lighting and sound are easy to be controlled, especailly he prefers to use live music during his performance. However, he personally prefers performing outdoor because it can make the performer and the audience's distance closer and also can bring new audience who never seen street performance before.

Warin loves the Shizuoka audience and can't wait to see them outside! He is going to perform in World Cup on Saturday, November 3rd, as well as lots of street performances through out the weekend. Go check his artistic BMX performance when you have a chance!


2018 Festival Report in English / Artist
2018/11/01 03:40 PM
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