Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2018

Barada da Barada da/Barada Street

"It's been a long time long time ago since I see your smile. " When was your last time since you laugh from the bottom of your stomach?

Barada Streert is comedy performer, singer, crown and acrobatic performer. Some audience said that the best fusion of music, crown and acrobat. They can play ukulele in such a strange form. It will amaze you.

Especially, their theme song "Nantes" matches with their performance. There is no word to explain how great it is and I even asked them how they decided to play the song. Then, they said "That is because it was the only song that both of us knew! It is a kind of coincident". But, the song matches their performance perfectly and sounded like band Beirute composed it just for them. It is literally a perfect match with their show. At the end of their show Barada Street and all audience sang together "Barada da Barada da...."

Let's sing "Barada da Barada da" with Barada Street in Shizuoka. I can guarantee you, you will love it!


2018 Festival Report in English / Artist
2018/11/04 12:45 AM
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