Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2018

"Hippo in the City?" Teatro Pavana

Do you remember a giraffe suddenly appeared on the street of Shizuoka during Daidogei World Cup a few years ago? Twice with the giraffe, once with the ostrich, and this fourth time, Teatro Pavana is back to Shizuoka with a lovely hippo, Nellie! Teatro Pavana is a street theater company which was founded in 1993. Judith, Giulia, and Alkisti are participating in Daidogei World Cup this year.

Nellie the Hippo catches people's eyes just by walking on the street with the zoo keeper Alkisti, and there were always crowds of people around Nellie. Why they chose a hippo? They answered, "through performing various acts, we really enjoyed making animal masks and costumes." "Also", they added, "we make other animals such as a giraffe and an ostrich, but hippo is a very theatrical animal with a big mouth." Adding to the physical appearance, Nellie has lovely, silly, and sometimes a bit naughty character that everyone loves.

Both today, November 3rd, and tomorrow, November 4th, Teatro Pavana will be performing on Walking Street 2 in Down Town Area. Please look forward to the random encounter with Nellie the Hippo!

Teatro Pavana


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2018/11/03 06:03 PM
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