Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2018

Zero Gravity Stage - Thrilling Chinese Pole Act -

Adam & Benjamin, the duo from Hungary, uses Chinese pole and performs very thrilling acts.

The duo met in circus school and became good friends. Adam was searching for new apparatus when the teacher introduced him to Chinese pole, and he was captivated by it very quickly. Adam's good friend, Benjamin started Chinese pole act 1 month later. The duo has also performed with trampoline, but they decided to stick with Chinese pole and have been performing 6 years.

The trust is very essential in such thrilling Chinese pole act. Since they are good friends and have been performing for years, their trust for each other is very strong. They say the trust comes with the time by practicing everyday and spending time together. Now they know what each other is doing and how the other is going to react next during the practice and performances.

The duo wears black and white costume, but in completely opposite pattern. Even though the duo wants the audience to think what that means, their story is based on friendship. In the beggining, they are friends and messing around each other, but at the end, they stop messing around and start to work together. Many other Daidogei performers have their own story in their act even though they often don't tell verbally and let the audience interpret by themselves. This is one of the unique and fun part of Daidogei.

This is the duo's first visit in Asia, and they said it is the biggest accomplishment. They think Shizuoka audience are lovely, very kind and warm. They will be performing in World Cup and Premium Night Show on Saturday, November 3rd, as well as multiple street performances throughout the weekend. Let's make their first visit in Asia filled with warm welcome and love!


2018 Festival Report in English / Artist
2018/11/02 11:00 AM
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