Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2018

The Battle/ Maleta Company

Alex is from Ireland. He was borne in a rural area, which is full of nature, full of living things. In other world, he was borne in a beauty of chaos. That's why he has a playful personality.

Davi is from Brazil. He was borne in an urban area, which is full of artificial structure, full of people. In other word, he was borne in a beauty of order. That's why he has a strict personality.

There show is the battle of two different personality, the battle between chaos and order, playful and strict, Apollo and Dionysus.

Using balls, they express the battle of two opposite personality. On the table, 7 balls are on it. Once Alex throw up a ball, immediately Davi fix it to make an order.

Their battle getting harder and harder, but in one point, you will notice that it's make an harmony. Both of them compliment each other. They believe that even though personalities are opposite, it doesn't mean that they are fight each other, but it could be co-exits to compliment each other. They might look different but, in humanity they are heading the same direction.

Their performance is not just only a technique to fun, but it has a story to rethink about our life. How we can live with respecting the others? How we can live in the world, which is full of strangers? How we can co-exist?

Two jugglers, or I could say philosophers are asking you a question.

Written by Y.K.Kobayashi and photos are taken by Atsumi

2018 Festival Report in English / Artist
2018/11/01 09:54 PM
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