Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2016

Tall Dark Humor: Trygve Wakenshaw

He's 2 meters tall and handsome. Why is he a comedian? "Because it's the basics of who I am. I want everyone to smile!" was his immediate answer.

His humor, however, is a wee bit, shall we say, dark? He kills Rapunzel, throws Little Red Riding Hood and yet, the audience falls into laughter.

With a history as a comedic actor, he uses hardly any props but instead performs using his voice and body movements. You'd think he'd pantomime and use a doll while changing his voice, but instead, by only changing his voice his can make an image appear before the audience's eyes.

He acts out a strong man and a wishy-washy man who is challenged to a duel. The result...?

He draws a bow again and again, but it doesn't reach the target. Where does it finally strike...?

He runs humorously here and there, his long limbs wiggling. Even knowing what would happen, seeing this, you would laugh time and again.

With a large repetoire, his performance changes during each of his apperances, so you can enjoy a variety of acts during each performance!

Since coming to Shizuoka, he's even added acts to his repetoire! You won't want to miss a single performance!

As this is his first time in Japan, he wants to visit meany beautiful places!

His special funny pose is sure to cause a roar of laughter all throughout Daidogei!

(Translated by Illaura Rossiter)

2016 Festival Report in English / Artist
2016/11/05 10:50 AM
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