Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2016

Colourful indivisualities / SPAC-ENFANTS

"Angels" showed sparkling dance. Audience were touched with hopeful smiles.

photo by Atsumi

SPAC is the Shizuoka Performing Arts Center, the pioneer of publicity-funded performing arts organization in Japan.
Actors and staffs are employed by public foundation of Shizuoka prefecture. One of the masterpieces of SPAC is "Mahabharata (directed by Miyagi Satoshi)" which has been performed various places all around the world.
SPAC started the project for teenagers "SPAC-ENFANTS" in 2010 with Merlin Nyakum, a Cameroonian dancer and choreographer.
The project purposes that world's teenagers find their hope for the future via dance.
Especially in Japan, students tend to cover their indivisual chalacters,
so director hope that participating dancers open and express their chalacters.
Furthermore, he also want to connect the young dancers in Shizuoka to the wide world.

Every two years, around 10 teenagers are auditioned. The choreographer creates the piece looking at their indivisual chalacters.
They reveal the project at Shizuoka Performing Arts Park in Nihondaira.
This performance in Nihondaira is very gorgeous and well-known in Shizuoka,
but San Yoshida, one of the dancers, told us that they want to get more opportunities to perfom in various places.
San had been taking lessons of ballet since she was a child, then she survived the audition of SPAC-ENFANTS.
It was a casual try. She didn't think to get involved in the project at that time.
After 4 years, she became an attractive dancer and now she is planning to participate in the workshop in Cameroon.
She was successfully connected to the wolrd via the project.

photo by Atsumi

In this festival, audience found the newpleasure to enjoy the progress of close small artists in Shizuoka.


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2016/11/06 03:17 PM
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