Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2015

Perennial crowd favorite comedian / Damejankoide

Damejankoide is one of the most popular artists in this festival.
This is the 23rd time he has performed here.
He started his performance as a clown, performing under the title of the "Blue Sky Acrobatic Theater Koide Naoki".
After hundreds of performances, he changed his style from acrobat to narrative art.
"koide" is his family name. "Damejan" means "not good".
So many fans are addicted to his comical narration.

He is famous for his severe criticism of politics and finally he ran for a member of Ohta ward (his hometown in Tokyo) assembly, last April.
Unfortunately he couldn't win the seat.
It's no doubt that he could obtain more votes in Shizuoka city than Ohta ward,
but he loves his hometown and wants to start his career as a politician in his hometown.
But there would have been no shortage of fans relieved to hear about his loss, because now he can continue his performance the same as always.
Today, he promised that he would continue to perform as always, even if he becomes a member of the assembly.
Please don't worry about that and support his campaign next time!


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2015/11/01 09:21 PM
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