Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2015


There were so much of the audiences in front of Shizuoka-station before their show begins.
Kebo and Chris appeared with special black suitcases filled with various tools which evoke laugh.

photo by K.Umeno

They sometimes pick up a person from audiences and let him participate in their performance. This triggers drawning all the audiences to their world. They are genius of unifying with the audiences
Everytime they show something, laughing occurs. We cannot get out from Funny Bones !

photo by K.Umeno

Their performances are not only about juggling, magic and puppet. Every small things around the stage makes laugh.
Their performances are mainly non verbal, so they can hold the show all over the world.
Therefore "No Border"!

photo by K.Umeno

Let's jump over border into their world!

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2015/11/01 05:49 PM
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