Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2015

Dreaming on a Beautiful Autumn Night/ Theater Tol

Moving with the music toward the center of the stage, the angels float upwards as if pulled by the song.

It must be an illusion from some kind of fantastic dream.
The combined performance of the music and the dance creates something of spectacular beauty.
Has there ever been a stage as beautiful as this!

The angels dancing in the night sky send down their love in every direction to the grateful spectators below.
In Shizuoka, where the legend of the celestial swan remains, the swan has changed to an angel and is dancing once more.

This 45minute dream in the autumn sky will only appear once more tomorrow night. Don't miss your chance!

(Mr. Jugglish/ Y.K.Kobayashi)

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2015/11/01 06:08 PM
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