Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2015

The commedy Jugller "GOMA" who visited the first time to sizuoka.

He performed with many kind of genre back ground music which are inducing the audience laugfter, whoes not only surrounded him but also another pedestalian too who are very supprised and easly falle into being costar.

The first time being at shizuoka , but normaly performes in Europe and America.
The audience is also cherfull and fantastic due to becomming smoothly costar.

Ofcourse jaggling is wondefull but also indusing anybody costar that makes a lafter by adlib commical action and let audience enjoy again.

From one of a performer of DADOGEI who Ouka said that is " very enjoyable" and from Ladies- student say that it is unusual-new style of performance.


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2015/11/03 03:44 PM
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