Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2015

うつしおみ / Utsushiomi

Utsushiomi is comparatively new team since 2013.
This is their first time to perform in Shizuoka.
Utsushiomi consists of Yosuke Meguro, juggler, and Aimi Hasegawa, aerialist.
The encounter of the two specialists provides such a unique and lovely performance.

Utsushiomi means mortal people.
Their name is written in Hiragana, which makes Japanese feel softness.
The atomosphere of their performance is also very soft, supple, and peaceful.

It's impossible for me to give an explanation of them.
Please come and see them!


correct: Utsushiomi
incorrect: Uthushiomi (guide book p. 33)

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2015/11/02 11:42 PM
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