Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2013

Handsome duo jugllers, KHARITONOV BROTHERS

KHARITONOV Brothers who are born in Moscow and look like a twin and first time visiting to Japan and also Shizuoka.
Untill this visit to Shizuoka, they offen visit to Europe and America, so they are due credit to a matching mutual breath
taking, that made a accumulating skill and technic. Therefore of course handling ball technic and gradually inducing a
audience into the show which is irresitsibly fantastic. While having a performance, then try to translating basic juglling
technic with plastic bags from covenience store. That shows a show-manship and no dubitable haveing ability to see balls
look like plasitc bags in the air. Don't miss a well trained, must-see duo show!
Yuki & Torii

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2013/11/02 06:41 PM