Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2012

Gentlemen VS a tent, a fierce battle begins!?/ Petit Monsieur

photo by AS

When is the last time you have fought a tent for your life?
Well, ask Petit Monsieur, who is an expert at
battling against a tent.

With his excellent skills in pantomime, you can clearly see
that he is fighting to get his tent to stay obedient. The tent
fights back, refusing to obey orders. With his life at stake,
Petit becomes increasingly desperate to win the fight.

Contrary from the image of Petit fighting fiercely in his performance,
he is very calm, friendly, and has a good sense of humor.

We asked if the tent was strong, and he laughed and told us that
“it is very strong. In fact, it is specially customized so that
it doesn't break on the stage.”

Come and watch the show for yourselves, you will be
blown away with laughter from the creative performance
that Petit Monsieur has put together.

This may be your only chance to see a battle between
a gentleman and a camping equipment!


2012Festival Report in English / 2012Artist
2012/11/02 07:42 PM

David Ramsay/ Experience the comedy of the showbiz city of New York!

Magic, juggling, comedy, unicycle riding, and much more!

With many tricks up his sleeves, David Ramsay is back in
Shizuoka to facinate us all with his talent.

David saw his first performance in New York at the age of
seven, and became totally in love with street performance.
From then, he practiced hard to master his skills in performing
to entertain the audience. With many years of experience
and a good sense of humor, David has been able to brush
up his skills that will make you cry out loud in laughter.

Come and watch David, as you will surely become in love
with his performance!


2012Festival Report in English / 2012Artist
2012/11/02 06:56 PM

Even accidents become laughter/Bello Nock

Bello Nock who has broom-like hairstyle came to Japan for the first time. He said "I'm happy to be here, DAIDOGEI
with great stage and lots of audience."

I was surprised when I found out he started performing at 6 which is such a young age. His ancestors have been performing for 7 generations in the circus, and
he has kept the family tradition. Nobody can forget his unique hairstyle, which is the reason why he likes that style.
It's because when he was little, he was really short, and decided to make him look taller with his broom-like hairstyle.
Even if he gets on the trampoline, his hair didn't get messy. I could also say that it's his original hair.
Bello always keeps a smile on his face. I asked him "Are you afraid to fall when you are performing?" Then he said "No, it is fun!"

Performing with trampoline and balloon makes the audience smile, and even if an accident happens, he changes it into laughter! You cannot miss his performance!!


2012Festival Report in English / 2012Artist
2012/11/02 06:35 PM

ハプニングでさえも笑いに/ベロ ノック

全米を爆笑の渦に巻き込んだ、ホウキ頭のベロ ノックが初来日。初めての日本、静岡に対し




2012フェスティバルレポート / 2012アーティスト ワールドカップ部門
2012/11/02 05:35 PM


デイリーニュースペーパー11月2日夕刊は こちら からダウンロードできます。

2012/11/02 04:30 PM

11/2 サセクリパ整理券情報


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